What Is The Width Of A Standard Semi-trailer?

Have you ever wondered what is the width of a standard semi trailer? And have you ever wondered what it’s like for horses to travel on them?


What Is The Size Of A Standard Semi-trailer?

Semi-trailers come in many shapes and sizes. The standard trailer dimensions set by the U.S. Department of Transportation may change from state to ...

Horses And Semi-trailers

You may have been driving down the road and were surprised to see animals on a semi-trailer.  These kinds of trailers are called livestock trailers, or animal transport trailers.

Safety With Animals And Semi-Trailers

Many people are concerned when they see a large number of animals on a semi-trailer. How safe are these animal transportation options?

Luxury Semi-Trailers

While transporting a large number of animals on a steel trailer can seem a little harsh, many people have turned their semi-trailers into comfortable spaces not only for the ...

The standard semi-trailer can be surprisingly helpful in transporting horses. As long as safety and comfort are a priority for the animals, semi-trailers are a useful tool for any equine owner.


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