What Kind Of Horses Did Knights Ride?

We have all see the impressive horses depicted in fantasy and history movies, but what kind of horses did knights ride in real-life history.


Horses In The Middle Ages

Owning a horse in the Middle Ages came with status and respect. The wealthier the person, the higher quality horse they had. Owning more than one horse was for only the ...

Medieval Horses – What Kind Of Horses Did Knights Ride

The people of the time did not refer to horses by breed but went by type. There are three main types of horses at this time. The one with the ...

During the Middle Ages, knights wore heavy armor. They needed a horse strong enough to carry this extra weight over a ...

Knights Horses


The Destrier and other horses that met the criteria for a high-class warhorse fall under the Charger category. To get an idea of what these horses looked like, study the modern draft horse.


Another type of warhorse for the time is the Courser. The Courser is a lighter, quicker horse than the Destrier. These horses did not have to carry an armored rider and were the first ...


The Palfrey costs just as much as Destrier to buy. It was a very comfortable ride, which made it a favorite mount for noblewomen. The main ...

Since the horse of the Middle Ages was such a symbol of status, a knight wanted to have the best one he could afford. This also includes the armor for himself and his horse. It represents the knight’s importance, so the better the horse and armor, the more respect he got.


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