What to Wear for a First-Time Horseback Riding

Are you planning on getting in the saddle for the first time? Do you love horses but have little experience riding them? Then this article is for you!


Close-Toed Shoes

Footwear is one of the most important pieces of your riding attire.  The proper pair of riding boots can range from a broken-in pair of cowboy boots to an expensive pair of custom fit tall boots...

Long Pants

Another crucial part of your riding wardrobe is long pants.  English riders wear breeches, western riders wear jeans- you just need to make sure you wear long pants for your first ride...


The most important part of your riding attire is a helmet.  Never, ever ride a horse without a helmet. I’m sure you have seen or will see people riding in cowboy hats or ball caps, but, for your safety, don’t follow these examples...

Your first ride will be smooth sailing with just three important articles of clothing: closed-toed shoes, long pants, and a helmet.  Riding horses is an amazing experience that everyone should be able to enjoy, and these three things will help keep you safe and comfortable while doing so...


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