What’s A Group Of Horses Called?

There really is no greater sight than a group of horses roaming across the wilderness! These magnificent creatures look truly mythical, with their flowing manes and elegant movements. But what’s a group of horses called, and how do they interact with each other?


What’s A Group Of Horses Called?

There are several names for groups of horses, depending on the type of horse and the situation they are kept in.

Herd Of Horses

The most common term you will hear used to describe a group of horses is a herd.

Team Of Horses

Horses are often called a team when they work together as a group in team activities.

Stud Of Horses

A stud of horses is the name for a group of horses who are kept solely for breeding purposes.

Rag Of Horses

A rag of horses is the name for a group of young male horses, known as colts.

String Of Horses

A string of horses is a group of horses belonging to or used by one person or organization. 

Harras Of Horses

Harras is an old word that was used to describe a group of horses. The term harras is not widely used in modern times, however, you may still hear it in use on ranches in the US.

Stable Of Horses

A stable of horses is a group of horses kept in the same stableyard or barn.

Troop Of Horses

A troop of horses is a group that serves in the military or as horse guards. In the UK, the Queen’s Birthday Parade includes a ritual called ‘Trooping the Colour'.

How Big Is A Herd Of Horses?

In a wild or feral state, herds of horses will roam across wide areas of land.

Horse Group Dynamics Explained

The way a herd of horses interacts is fascinating! They have a complicated social structure, with each horse playing a different role.

The Stallion

The entire male horse, or stallion, is the protector and guardian of the herd. 

The Alpha Mare

The alpha mare is the leader of the herd.


As there are only one or two stallions in each herd of horses, colt foals are not permitted to stay in the herd once they become old enough to survive on their own. 


Young female horses are not always ousted from the herd, and some will stay in the same herd as their dam. 

So, as we’ve learned, the name for a group of horses living naturally in the wild is a herd. Groups of domesticated horses can also be referred to as teams, studs, rags, as well as several other names.


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