When is the Best Time to Train a Horse

Do you have a young, unbroken horse that you’re not sure what to do with? Or do you have a foal on the way? When is the best time to train a horse? Then this article may be for you! Starting a young or baby horse correctly is essential for that horse’s success.


When is the Best Time to Train a Horse

A baby horse, or a very young horse, has never seen a halter, never seen an arena, and never seen you. So, how and when do you start working with this baby? And how quickly can ...

Handling (0-6 or 9 months)

Basic horse handling should happen as soon as a foal puts its feet on the ground.  Foals should be touched and handled by as many people as possible, in order to get them used to human contact.

During this stage of a horse’s life, you should begin incorporating ground-work and manners.  This is really a continuation of ...

GroundWork (6 months- 2 years)

When is the Best Time to Train a Horse: Saddling (2-4 years)

Of course, everyone wants to know when they can start the process of teaching their young horse to be ridden.  And, many, many people begin this stage too early...

When is the Best Time to Train a Horse: Riding (4+ years)

Experts’ best estimate today is that it is safe to start riding horses at about four years old.  At this point, your horse should have gone through lots of exposure, basic ...

So, when is the best time to train your horse? As soon as your horse takes its first breath.  But, the stages of horse training look very different depending on how old your horse is and where he is in his development.


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