When To Euthanize A Horse With Cushing’s?

When To Euthanize A Horse With Cushing’s? It is a painful question for the loving owner of a horse. Since horses are now living longer than ever before, this is now a very common hard situation. 


What is the Equine Cushing’s or PPID?

Cushing’s is the most common endocrinopathies diagnosed in elderly horses (mainly more than 10 years), however, very rarely in younger horses (3 years old). 

Cushing or PPID Affects Horse Quality Life

The most common sing and symptoms by PPID horses are hirsutism and laminitis. Hirsutism is mainly affecting general appearance however; laminitis could be a  . . .

Is it Diagnosis and Treatment Effective-Feasible?

Diagnosis is mainly done by clinical signs, the most undeniable is hirsutism in older horses (84% cases). 

Finally, When To Euthanize A Horse With Cushing’s?

Nowadays, due to the increase of horse life expectative as well as the increasing elderly horse population, it is more common for Veterinarians to have at least a horse with PPID in their actual practice as a patient.

Usually, horses did not use to survive so long due to great exposure to many events in their life, one of those are the many colic episodes during their life. Then as Veterinarian and Horse owners are now in the dilemma to advise and decide when the life quality of our horse is not good anymore.


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