When To Wean A Foal?

One of the most difficult things to overcome when raising horses is knowing when to wean a foal. Weaning is the process of separating a foal from his mother after he no longer needs her milk to survive.


When To Wean A Foal- Factors to Consider

*Available Facilities *Size of the Foal *Temperament of the Foal *Vet Work Done on the Foal

Available Facilities

Some facilities are more equipped to deal with weaning than others.  Breeding farms, for example, are set up to care for foals regularly.  The staff at breeding farms is trained to know how to handle  ...

Size of the Foal

It can also affect when an owner or breeder decides to wean him.  For example, if a foal is larger than other foals his age, the owner or breeder may decide to wean him earlier, for the safety of his mother ...

Temperament of the Foal

Another factor is the temperament of the foal. Sometimes, though rarely, foals will start weaning themselves.  Some foals naturally become less dependent on their mothers earlier than  ...

Vet Work Done on the Foal

Another factor that can affect when to wean a foal is the vet work a foal has had done.  Some owners and breeders have certain things they want to have their vets do with  ...

Average Ages for Weaning Foals

In the wild, foals are not “weaned” from their mothers until their mothers have another foal. This is  ...

So, it really depends on the situations and the philosophies of each owner and breeder.  Deciding when to wean a foal will rest on many different factors.  The most important thing to take into consideration is a foal’s health.


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