Where To Give A Horse A Shot Explained

Most of the time, horse injections are given by your veterinary team. However, if your horse needs a long course of medication, your veterinarian may suggest that you can give the injections at home.


Why Would You Need To Give A Horse A Shot?

Sometimes you may need to give your horse an injection. This normally happens if your veterinarian prescribes an extended course of medication that must be injected daily. 

Where Is The Best Place To Give A Horse A Shot?

When deciding where to give a horse a shot, you need to use an area of large muscle. There are two areas of the horse that are suitable for an intramuscular injection – the neck and the rump. 

How To Prepare For Giving A Horse A Shot

Thorough preparation is essential when giving a horse a shot. This will help you to give the injection in the safest possible way, with minimal stress to you and the horse.

The best sites to give a horse a shot are the neck and the rump. If you are giving more than one injection, then you need to use a different injection site each time. 


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