Why Can’t Horses Throw Up?

Horses can’t vomit because their digestive system doesn’t allow them to. Horses digest food in a very different way to humans, which is why you will never see a horse throwing up.


Why Can’t Horses Vomit?

Now it might be a disgusting subject, but today we are talking all about vomit! To understand why can’t horses throw up, first we need to understand what happens when we vomit.

What Happens When Horses Can’t Vomit?

The fact that horses can’t vomit doesn’t normally cause them any problems. The digestive system of a horse is designed for them to eat ‘little and often’.

What Does It Mean If A Horse Is Throwing Up?

You may sometimes hear that people have seen a horse throwing up. Although it is impossible for a horse to vomit in the same way other animals can, ...


Sometimes horses will suffer from a condition called choke. This is when food material gets stuck in the esophagus, and the horse cannot swallow it.

If a horse has a very severe case of colic, it may do something called spontaneous gastric reflux. Remember how we said that sometimes when horses ...

Spontaneous Gastric Reflux

So, as we’ve learned, horses are not able to vomit because of their unique digestive system. However, sometimes food material can be regurgitated from the stomach if the horse is very ill with colic.


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