Why Choosing No Climb Horse Fence?

We all love to ride and spend time with our horses.  However, the time we spend with our horses is often justified by the quality of care and protection they receive when we are not with them. Why no climb horse fence important?


No Climb Horse Fence Definition

A turnout depends on your horse and where it lives because sometimes, horses only go outside for an hour, sometimes live outside.  Regardless, every horse gets exposed to ...

Pros of Non-Climb Horse Fence

* Longevity

* Injuries

The no-climb fencing has very little to no, cons, but the few that farm-owners have found include installation, cost, and visibility.  In a forum ...


Variations of No Climb Horse Fence        

As discussed earlier, the no-climb fencing is very customizable.  You can choose what type of wire you want to use, how high you want the wire to ...

Nearly all horses are bound to encounter a fencing system in their lifetime. So, it is up to us to ensure that their time spent within the confines of fencing is safe and secure.  We must protect our horses while we are away so that our time spent with them will be justified.


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