Why Do Horses Grow Mustaches?

We all know that horses have some pretty impressive hair, such as their mane, tail, and leg feathers, but do you know why there are horses with mustaches?


Which Horse Breeds Grow Mustaches

Not every type of breed can grow a mustache. This particular talent is the reserve of hairy breeds. Hairy breeds are horses with leg feathers and heavy builds.

Why do Horses Grow Mustaches

The exact reason horses grow mustaches, other than genetics making them prone to more hair growth, is not certain. However, one theory states that it has a similar ...

Other Weird Horse Facts

* Horse mustaches are not the only odd fact about horses. Here are some other cool and surprising facts about horses. * Have you ever seen a horse smile? Well technically, it ...

What Other Animal Can Grow A Mustache

Horses are not the only type of animal that can grow a mustache. The emperor tamarin, a monkey from the Amazon rainforest sports a white mustache. The most ...

The fact that some horses can grow a mustache is one of the strangest things about them. It is so unbelievable, pictures of horses showing off their mustache have reached the non-equine community in viral social media posts. Some exclaimed it isn’t possible.


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