Why Do Horses Snort?

If you’ve been around horses, you’ve likely heard them snort before. Horses can be vocal animals, with each sound meaning something different. Though hearing this is quite common, you might wonder: why do horses snort?


Understanding Why Do Horses Snort

There are a few different reasons why scientists believe this. Researchers believe the most common reasons horses snort is as a coping mechanism when there is social tension, ...

Why Do Horses Snort: Coping Mechanism

One reason scientists believe horses snort is that it is used as a coping mechanism to ease tension in social situations. When new horses are meeting for the first time, it is ...

One of the newest theories of why horses snort is that it is a way for them to show happiness. Scientist believe that happier horses do this ...

Snorting as an Emotion

Horse Snorting for Communication

Some people believe based on research that horses can snort to communicate with people and other horses. Snorting is thought to be a way for horses to warn their herd of oncoming danger. Some people theorize ...

Snorting for Relief

Horses also snort as a way to clear their nasal passages. If a horse has dust, bugs or a foreign object that enters into its nostrils, it will snort as a way to clear its nose, just like humans. Horses also ...

Why Do Horses Snort: Current and Further Research

Researchers in France conducted the study that leads to the idea that horses snort while they are happy. Mathilde ...

Horses use vocalization to express different emotions and behaviors. Snorting is one of the noises scientists know the least about why horses make it. Though many will agree that more research is needed, it is believed that snorting can be tied to a horse’s emotions.


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