Why Do Horses Wear Masks?

If you ever drive past horses in a pasture during summer, it is likely you will see them wearing masks. These masks are generally made up of a mesh material and cover most of a horse’s face. You may wonder, why do horses wear horse fly mask?


What is the Purpose of a Horse Wearing a Mask?

There can be several different reasons why horses wear masks. The most common type of mask you will see a horse wearing is a fly mask. You may also see horses wearing a type of mask called horse blinders while they are being ridden or driven.

Horse Fly Mask

Fly masks are used to protect horses’ face, ears, and eyes from flies. Horses often wear them in spring and summer, when flies are the worst.

Horse Fly Mask Features

Fly masks for horses generally are made of mesh that is finely woven together and they sometimes have a soft fleece lining to provide comfort for the horse.

Purpose of a Fly Mask

In addition to providing protection from flies, some horse fly mask also provides UV protection from the sun. Light-colored horses are more prone to sunburn and skin cancer, ...

Horse Blinkers or Horse Blinders

Blinkers, also known as blinker hoods or blinders, are a form of masks that are used to partially or fully cover a horse’s eyes. They can be used for training purposes or to help a horse recovering from an eye injury.

When some people see fly masks or blinkers, they often assume that the horse cannot see out of them and that they are cruel to the horse. However, it is quite the opposite. Fly masks can protect a horse from annoying bugs and a blinker hood can help them from getting distracted.


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