Why Is A Quarter Horse Called A Quarter Horse?

If someone mentions fast horses, we automatically think of Thoroughbreds! But there are many other incredibly fast breeds of horse, including the American Quarter Horse. But why is a Quarter Horse called Quarter Horse?


What Is A Quarter Horse?

One of North America’s most popular horse breeds, the Quarter Horse is loved by horse fans around the world. 

Why Is It Called A Quarter Horse?

The name actually comes down to the distance they were expected to run at its top speed – a quarter of a mile. 

Why Are Quarter Horses So Fast?

Quarter Horses are so fast because of their physical characteristics. They are not a particularly big breed of horse, at between 14 and 16 hands high. 

Where Do Quarter Horses Come From?

This horse breed dates back to the 1660s, making it one of the oldest recognized horse breeds in the United States. 

What Makes A Quarter Horse So Special?

The main reason for the popularity of one of the oldest American horse breeds is its versatility. 

So, as we have discovered, the Quarter horse is capable of some incredible top speeds, which is where it got its name! The word ‘quarter’ refers to a quarter of a mile, which is the distance these fast horses were raced over. 


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