Will a Horse With Colic Poop?

Colic: the word every equestrian dreads to hear. It is important to stay informed on the subject and know things such as ‘will a horse with colic poop?


What Is Colic? Will a Horse With Colic Poop?

Colic is abdominal pain that horses experience generally related to their digestive tract. 

Will A Horse With Colic Poop?

One of the most common signs of colic is a horse not pooping. Horses can produce up to 50 pounds of poop a day, so a horse not pooping is often a sign that something is wrong. 

One of the most important things to keep track of in a colicing horse is poop. Depending on the type of colic, a horse may not poop at all or may still be able to defecate.


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