Will Horses Eat Meat – Is It Ok?

Horses can have pretty broad tastes, with many willing to try something new, but it’s not always in their best interest, so will horse eat meat?


Do Horses Eat Meat

Anecdotal stories report seeing horses eat meat or lick blood, but experts believe this is a learned behavior. Horses will also sometimes attack another animal, even kill it by stopping on it.

Can Horses Eat Meat

As herbivores, the horse’s body evolved to suit this. One of their main herbivore features is the teeth. Their incisors, in particular, allow them to easily grab and rip plants. This is in contrast to animals that eat meat that have sharp, pointy incisors that allow them to tear into it.

Dangers Of Horses Eating Meat

One problem with meat is that it goes bad fast. This quickly leads to toxins. When a horse ingests these toxins, it can trigger very dangerous health issues. One example of this is botulism.

Horses eat a variety of grasses, herbs, hay, and grain. Grain is usually a premade feed using plants and with added vitamins and minerals. Horses also need salt in their diet.


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