World’s Most Expensive Race Horses

Thrilling, exciting, and high-risk – Most Expensive Race Horses. If you’re a horse racing fan you’ll understand why this equestrian sport is loved by millions! Racehorses are amongst the most valuable horses in the world, and exchange hands for crazy amounts of money.


Why Is A Purebred Horse Price Higher?

Purebred horses, such as Thoroughbreds, tend to be much more expensive than crossbred horses. 

What Factors Affect Racing Horse Price?

Many factors affect racing horse price, but the biggest ones are normally their pedigree and their form – how many races they have won. 

Top 8 Most Expensive Race Horses Revealed

8: Jalil – $9.7 million 7: Snaafi Dancer – $10.2 million 6: Meydan City – $11.7 million 5: Seattle Dancer – $13.1 million – Most Expensive Race Horses

Top 8 Most Expensive Race Horses Revealed

4: The Green Monkey – $16.0 million 3: Shareef Dancer – $40.0 million 2: So You Think – $51.5 million

Who Is The Most Expensive Racehorse?

1: Fusaichi Pegasus – $60 million: Former Kentucky Derby Winner, Fusaichi Pegasus is by far the most expensive racehorse, sold in 2000 for $60 million. 

So, as we’ve learned, some racehorses can be very expensive! However, they don’t always live up to the price paid, and buying a racehorse can be a big gamble. Pedigree plays a huge part in the price of a racehorse, with the offspring of famous sires sold for huge fees when they are just a yearling.


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