Zebra VS Horse Size – How Different Are They?

At first glance, it’s easy to think zebras and horses are similar, even zebra vs horse size can be close, but they are quite different in many ways.


Zebra Size

Let’s dive right in and look at the size of the horse and zebra. Zebras are smaller than horses unless you start to compare them with ponies. Zebras stand anywhere from 10 to 13 hands ...

Horse Size

A horse is an equine that stands over 14.2 hands, with the largest breeds reaching the dizzying height of 20 hands. Even the smallest horse is bigger than a zebra. But as you can see, ...

Difference between Zebra and Horse


Even though zebras are pretty darn adorable, their temperaments are much more aggressive than a horse. Despite their relatively small height, a zebra is quite dangerous, so don’t be ...

Domestication of Zebras

The aggressive nature of the zebra did not make it a good candidate for domestication. Not only can a zebra kick incapacitate a lion, but their bite is also ruthless. They ...

Breeding a Horse to a Zebra

It is possible to breed a zebra and a horse together. The foal of this mating is called a zorse if the sire is a zebra and the dam is a mare.

It’s apparent that despite the initial similarities between a zebra and a horse, the two have many differences. When it comes to zebra vs horse size, horses are much bigger in height and weight. 


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