15 Main Parts Of A Horse Explained

If you are learning about horses, then a great place to start is horse anatomy! But what are the 15 main parts of a horse?...


15 Main Parts Of A Horse

1. Muzzle 2. Poll 3. Crest 4. Withers

5. Croup 6. Dock 7. Girth 8. Barrel 9. Flank 10. Fetlock

11. Hock 12. Pastern 13. Coronet Band 14. Gaskin 15. Stifle

1. Muzzle

The muzzle of the horse is the part of the head that consists of the mouth, lips, nostrils, and chin. The muzzle of a horse is very important, as it allows the horse to carry out a range of different functions...

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the 15 main parts of a horse! As we have learned, the language used for horse anatomy can be very confusing, so hopefully, we’ve cleared up any misunderstandings...


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