5 Best Horse Breeds For Heavy Riders

General Rule For Horse & Rider Weight

Those with a love of horses can always enjoy them, but if you have concerns about weight, take a look at the best horse breed for heavy riders.


General Rule For Horse and Rider Weight

The generally accepted rule for knowing if a rider is a safe weight for the horse is to go by 20 percent. What 20 percent means is that the horse can carry ...

Breeds For Heavy Riders

Certain breeds are more likely to make suitable mounts for heavy riders. These horses have bigger bones and large body mass. A light, fine bone horse, such as the ...

Clydesdale is an excellent breed for big riders. These horses are not just for pulling wagons, they make excellent mounts. They have gentle, sensible ...

1. Clydesdale

Horses For Larger Riders

The Irish Draught and the Clydesdale aren’t the only breeds that are suitable for larger riders. Here we will introduce you to a few more.

2. Shire

The Shire is arguably the largest and strongest draft horse breed. Their history sees them working on farms and pulling carts as delivery horses. However, even though it is not the first ...

Big Rider

If you are a bigger rider, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy equestrian activities. You just have to know the type of horse that will best work for you. If you are riding a horse of the ...

If you are a heavy rider and thinking of getting a horse, do some research into the best horse breed for heavy riders that we’ve highlighted here. 


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