5 Horse Breeds With Long Hair

We all know that horses have beautiful manes and tails, but some horses take things a step further, so let’s take a look at horse breeds with long hair. These breeds have specific genes that result in them growing more hair than other breeds. 


Clydesdale The Clydesdale is the most recognizable of the horse breeds with long hair. The breed is famous for pulling the Budweiser carriages at demonstrations all over the United States. Gypsy Vanner The breed comes from the Romani people, who needed a strong horse to pull their caravans, but a horse that did not require a lot of food. Unlike, other draft breeds, the Gypsy Vanner comes in many acceptable colors.

Friesian The Friesian is one of the world’s oldest horse breeds. In the Middle Ages, Friesians were the mounts of knights, who needed a bold, strong, brave companion to enter into battle. Icelandic Horse For the next horse breed with long hair, we will step away from those with leg feathering and look at the Icelandic Horse. The Icelandic horse is one of the purest horse breeds in the world, with little to no crossing breeding in the last 1,000 years.


The Shire is another draft breed with long hair, primarily on its legs. Like the Clydesdale, the Shire comes from the United Kingdom, this time from England. It is the largest of the draft breeds and boasts the tallest ever horse, Sampson, who stood 21.25 hands tall.

We’ve introduced you to some of the most interesting horse breeds with long hair, but they aren’t the only ones. Other breeds with long hair include the Fell Pony, Dales Pony, and the Swedish Northern Horse.


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