How Much Does a Clydesdale Weigh

All about Clydesdale Weight – Ever look at a Clydesdale’s hooves? They’re probably bigger than your face! Can you imagine getting stepped on by those hooves? Ouch, it might break your toes!...


Draft Horse Anatomy

When discussing the weight of a Clydesdale, the first thing you have to take into consideration is the anatomical shape of a Clydesdale, or, more generally speaking, the anatomical shape of a draft horse.

Saddle Horse Weights

Every breed of horse has a different average weight.  But, averages can be gleaned from the most common and heavily populated horse breeds...

Some examples of draft horse breeds, aside from the Clydesdale, include the American Belgian, the Percheron, and the Suffolk.  These breeds average 1896 pounds, 1896 pounds, and 1698 pounds respectively...

Draft Horse Weights

Average Clydesdale Weight

The average weight of a Clydesdale is approximately 2,000 pounds. As can be guessed, Clydesdales can be some of the tallest and biggest draft horses in existence...

Clydesdale Weight Variants

As stated early, we can derive averages all we want, but there are always going to be outliers in both directions of measurements...

So, yes, we can estimate that Clydesdale horses weigh about 2,000 pounds, enough to break your toes if they step on you! But, each horse’s weight is a subjective matter that depends on the situation and individual personalities of the horses.


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