How To Saddle A Horse- Tips

Time to saddle up! Except, how to saddle a horse? How do you know what saddle to pick? What saddle pads to pick? Where do you put it? How tight should it be? All of these questions will be answered in this article!


Picking the Right Saddle Pads

Okay, so let’s start with the first step: what do you put on a horse’s back first? Not the saddle, but the saddle pad, or pads! Realistically, saddles don’t need saddle pads.  A properly fitting  ...

Picking the Right Saddle

No saddle should touch a horse’s withers. You should be able to fit a few fingers, if not more, between the pommel (i.e.- front) of the saddle and the horse’s ...

Where Should the Saddle Sit?

A saddle should sit on the back part of a horse’s withers. A common mistake is placing a saddle too far forward on a horse’s withers. The girth (or cinch) should fall just a few inches behind ...

How Tight Should the Girth Be?

Okay, back to our step-by-step process: the last thing step in saddling your horse is tightening up the girth or cinch! The reasoning behind this one is obvious; you don’t want the ...

And with that, you’re saddled up and ready to ride! Saddling a horse, and choosing how to saddle a horse can be a more involved process than you’d expect.  But, it’s important in order to have a happy comfortable horse and an enjoyable ride.


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