7 Best Cowboy Hats For Rain

 For those of us living in wetter climates with year-round rainfall, it’s important to shop for products that can withstand moisture. Horse and livestock owners are frequently caught in the rain.



Generally speaking, cowboy hats do not fare well in the rain or wet conditions. Despite their rugged associations, cowboy hats are rather fragile. How much wear and tear depends on what ...

Post-Rain Care

In the inevitable event of getting caught in rainfall, felt and wool hats should be immediately patted off and allowed to air dry upside down to where the crown remains unbothered ...

List of The Best Cowboy Hats for Rain

Stetson Men’s Apache 4X Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat

Stetson is always a home run, whether cowboy hats are a part of your day-to-day workwear or for a night out on the town. Made in the USA, the ...

Stetson Men’s Powder River 4X Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat

The Powder River is another 4X genuine buffalo felt hat by Stetson. Even with the high quality and fit of this hat, it is also water-resistant.

MexiMart 8 Second Cowboy Hat Mexican Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat

A much more economical option may be the best choice depending on how much water you’re ...

These hat protectors are great for rain protection, as well as dust or smoke. This Cowboy Shop protector is all vinyl with an elastic closure, guaranteed to be waterproof without pulling shape from the brim.


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