How To Wear A Cowboy Hat

Shopping for a new cowboy hat, especially as a first-time buyer, can be an overwhelming experience. Unlike a standard ball cap, there are many aspects of how to properly wear a cowboy hat. 


Occasion – How To Wear A Cowboy Hat

The first aspect of properly wearing a cowboy hat is choosing the occasion. Not only will this impact your budget, but the occasion for wear can help determine the color ...

Proper Way To Wear A Cowboy Hat According To Season

Traditionally, felt hats are reserved for the time period between Labor Day and the long May weekend.

Hats are sold both pre-shaped and unshaped. Uncreased hats with open brims are desirable for a customized look or specific dimensions. Although the “bull rider” crease is increasing in popularity ...

Cowboy Hat Etiquette- Dos and Dont’s

Cowboy hats come from a long line of tradition and carry their own customs and courtesies. 

On or Off?

When first stepping into a building or event, it is customary to remove the hat. 

When Your Hat’s Off

The general rule for hat handling and removal is to always remove the hat by the bottom of the crown. Using the top of the crown can result in pinching or excessive creasing. 

Wearing a cowboy hat with your ensemble comes with some responsibility, but these traditions make the overall look well-worth the effort. Remember- remove hats when entering a building to assess the situation. And never touch another’s cowboy hat.


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