How To Shape A Cowboy Hat

It is no secret wearing a cowboy hat comes with the responsibility of tradition and hat etiquette. This also means regular upkeep and cleaning. 


Initial Steps On How To Shape A Cowboy Hat

The first step in shaping a hat is determining the material, and if the hat can be re-shaped.


For experienced hat shapers or those willing to make a small investment, a hat steamer is the best tool for shaping.

Shaping Basics – How to Shape a Cowboy Hat

1. Slip-on your gloves once your steamer or water is preheated or boiling! 2. Release the steam as needed until the hat is soft and malleable. You can concentrate the steam on areas you will be shaping (such as the brim or crown). 3. Once a malleable and slightly moist texture is achieved, gently massage  4. ...

Material Specifics

A kettle or steamer will work great for felt hats. These are more forgiving and superb DIY practices. 

Helpful Hints

-Practice makes perfect.  The only way to master hat  shaping is to practice the  craft. YouTube has many  informative and free video  resources for those trying  it themselves. -Always store a hat upside  down on the crown, or  allow it to dry on a hat rack. -Know your material! It may  be worth keeping the tags  and original packaging for  reference ...

Have you ever shaped your own hat? It can be a helpful skill for those that want to keep their hats in tip-top condition, or prefer not to micromanage the shapes at western wear stores. Be sure to share this article, and remember, practice makes perfect!


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