Cowboy Hat Shapes

Crowns, brims, creases, oh my! What are the shapes of a cowboy hat? Although all cowboy hats feature common characteristics, the shape and detailing greatly differ...


Cowboy Hat Shape Variations

1. Crown Styles -Open -Cattleman -Gus -Brick -Briggs -Telescope 2. Brim Styles

Crown Styles

Open – The open crease is not a crease at all. It refers to an unshaped hat ready for your custom crown shaping. This is a blank canvas for you!

Gus – The Gus hat is actually a variation of the Cattleman. Although it uses the same traditional crease work, the crown’s front is pinched for an Australian outback style. Brick – The Brick crease is also another popular option. The brick is a simple rectangle shape, almost as if a brick were used to create the crease...

Brim Styles

Brim shapes have the most variation in terms of verbiage. For our purposes, we won’t use brand or retailer-specific terms...

Types Of Cowboy Hats: Pre-Creased vs Unshaped

Cowboy hats can be purchased pre-creased or completely unshaped...

For a brim reference guide, check out this image here. NRS is a leader in American-made cowboy hats and western attire. You can view their crease designations here...


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