Appendix Horse Characteristics – A Great All Rounder

Let’s take a look at appendix horse characteristics, a cross of one of the most popular horse breeds in the United States, the American Quarter Horse.


Physical Appendix Horse Characteristics

The average appendix horse stands between 15 to 17-hands tall. The upper height of this range is taller than the average Quarter Horse. The potential for a ...

The personalities and brain of the sire and dam greatly influence the temperament of the foal. However, certain temperament traits run through particular breeds. American ...

Appendix Horse Breed Colors

The American Quarter Horse Association accepts 17 coat colors in its registry, but limits white markings on the legs to the knee and below. The appendix does not come in ...

Appendix Health Conditions

Appendix horses have a higher risk of suffering from a number of health conditions. Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) is a disease that causes sporadic weakness or ...

Appendix Horse Uses

Appendix horse characteristics mean that it is an athletic and versatile horse.

The appendix horse mixes all the right qualities for an all-rounder type of horse. The only thing to keep in mind is some inherit a more Thoroughbred-like temperament, so not all are suitable for novice riders.


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