Average Weight of a Thoroughbred

Ever wonder how much your horse weighs? Ever wonder how it compares to other horses in the same or in different disciplines? 


Thoroughbred Weight: How to Weigh Horses

Horses can be weighed using a few different methods.  The most straightforward of these is a scale.  Equine clinics and hospitals have extra-large scales ...

Average Horse Weights

Different types of horses carry different average weights.  This is important to understand when observing the weight of a particular breed of horse, such as the Thoroughbred.

The weight, and concurrently body-type, of a Thoroughbred, will also depend on what kind of ...

Thoroughbred Weight: Different Thoroughbred Careers

Different Diets

Above all else, a horse’s weight is dependent on its diet.  What you feed, or do not feed your horse will determine his weight.  For example, horses that live outside and only have ...

Disclaimers aside, the average Thoroughbred racehorse weighs 1030-1130 lbs.  When Thoroughbreds are raced, they are young (traditionally between 2-5 ...

Average Thoroughbred Weight

To illustrate this, the average weight of a mature Thoroughbred is approximately 1250 lbs.  My Thoroughbred weighs about 1400, but he’s on the ...

Racehorses are traditionally small, young horses.  Because of this, their average weight is less than the average weight of a typical riding horse.  Perhaps this makes them faster and more aerodynamic on the track! 


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