Best Electric Fence For Horses

Looking to put up fencing for your horse, but you’ve got an escape artist on your hands? Electrical wire fencing could be a great option for you! Do you the best electric fence for horses? 


Best Electric Fence For Horses: A Note About Electrical Fencing

Like I said, before getting into the product review section of this article, I want to take a moment to discuss the safety factors ...

Safety Around Electric Fence For Horses

Electrical wires can be dangerous if not used properly;  they can spark, catch fire, cause unintentional shocking, and more.  So, to avoid these damages, it ...

Best Electric Fence For Horses

ElectroBraid PBRC1000

Electrobraid comes wrapped around a spool, looking like yarn or twine! With each spool purchased, you receive 1,000 feet of wire.  Many vets and professionals commend ...

Zareba PT656W1-Z

In contrast, Zareba creates a permanent electric wire fence.  Instead of coming in a yarn-and-spool type design, Zareba’s design is akin to scotch tape. 

Gallagher G620300

Gallagher is a more middle-of-the-road option when it comes to electrical wire fencing.  There are great things about it, but it’s not quite the caliber of ElectroBraid or Zareba ...

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to choosing electric wire fencing for your equine friends! Please note that it is NOT recommended that electrical wire fencing be the only form of fencing you use.


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