Best Horse Boots for Trail Riding

Did you know that horses can wear horse boots for trail riding? If that statement conjured up a mental image of your four-legged friend in a pair of galoshes, then this article is for you.


What is Horse Boots for Trail Riding? 

Simply put, a hoof boot is a boot that fits over your horses’ hooves. They can be used in a variety of settings, but their main purpose is to protect your ...

Horse Boots for Trail Riding, Important Considerations 

Before we get into the best hoof boots in the market, I would like to caution you. Horse hooves are like snowflakes, each horse’s hooves are ...

Best Horse Boots for Trail Riding

EasyCare Trail Boot

If you are looking into horse hoof boots, these seem to be a quality, introductory boot for you and your horse. Their easy application and price won’t set you back as far as ...

Kavalerie Pro-K Tendon Boot

While these boots are not hoof boots, they shouldn’t be counted out as a possibility for riders who frequent the trails. If your horse doesn’t need the added protection ...

Cavallo Simple Horse Boot

These are quality boots that offer multi-layered protection.


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