Should You Choose Horse Boots Instead of Shoes?

Many horses wear horseshoes to provide traction, support, and correct hoof problems. However, another option is horse boots instead of shoes. Horse boots can be a great alternative to traditional horseshoes as they provide support and traction for the horse.


Should You Use Horse Boots for Hooves Instead of Shoes?

* Using Boots Instead of Shoes for Your Horses * Measuring for a Hoof Boot * Putting Horse Boots On Benefits of Using Horse ...

Should You Use Horse Boots for Hooves Instead of Shoes?

Horse hoof boots are an effective way to protect your horse’s hooves while riding. They absorb shock, protect against different types of terrain and provide your horse comfort. They do not interfere with natural shock absorption in the hoof or with blood circulation.  

Using Boots Instead of Shoes for Your Horses

Hoof boots can be a great choice for many horses if you are looking for an alternative from traditional horseshoes. If you decide to make the switch from ...

Measuring for a Hoof Boot

It is important to make sure your hoof boots are properly fitted. An ill-fitting boot may fall off or cause your horse to trip, which may lead to injury.  Make sure to measure each hoof, as they may vary in shape.

Putting Horse Boots On

Most hoof boots slide onto a horse’s hoof and are fastened with Velcro straps. They are generally easy to put on and take off. However, some horses may be more difficult to put boots on than others.

Benefits of Using Horse Boots

Using hoof boots instead of shoes, or even in addition to shoes, can have many benefits. Though they may seem expensive at first, they will pay off as having shoes on your horse can be expensive. 

Deciding on a Hoof Boot

If you are unsure if having your horse go barefoot and using boots is a better option than using shoes, you can ask your farrier. Some horses benefit more from wearing shoes than being barefoot. Whereas  ...

Hoof boots can be a great choice if you are wanting to have your horse barefoot but still want to give them protection while they work. Hoof boots provide great comfort, traction, and support for horses. They are durable and hold up in tough conditions.


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