Best Stabilized Flaxseed Supplement for Horses

What is Flaxseed? What does it do? What’s the difference between Stabilized Flaxseed and normal Flaxseed? Which is better for my horse? And who makes the best Flaxseed supplements?


What is Flaxseed?

Flaxseed is also known for boosting a horse’s immune system.  Remember how your mom always told you to drink orange juice growing up and sometimes made you take multivitamins to “boost your immune system?” Think of flaxseed doing the same thing in horses.

Differences Between Flaxseed and Stabilized Flaxseed

It’s actually pretty simple: flaxseed in its raw form is actually little seeds, and stabilized flaxseed is simply ground up flaxseed found in powder forms. Horses get the most nutrients out of ground flaxseed, so horse owners can essentially choose to purchase raw flaxseed and grind it up themselves, or they can purchase a pre-ground powder stabilized flaxseed supplement.

Triple Crown Naturals Golden Ground Flax

Triple Crown is a trusted brand that knows their stuff and does their research.  That being said, any supplement they come out with also carries that inherent trustworthiness that the brand has created.

Manna Pro Simply Flax

It is also a reputable equine supply brand! They are known for producing equine health-related products such as supplements and other basic barn necessities.  I’ve used MannaPro products in the past and have always been satisfied with their quality.

SmartPak’s Smart and Simple Flax

It is said to promote healthy skin and a healthy coat for a horse! The tagline for this product is “maintaining a horse’s healthy glow.” 

The cost of feeding your horse varies greatly based on your location. A bale of hay can cost anywhere between $5-$10 per square bale. Should you choose to grain feed, there can be an added expense. Similarly, depending on your horse’s nutritional needs, they may or may not require a supplement.


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