Best Wall-Mounted Barn Fans

Summer heat dragging you down? It’s nearly impossible for barns to have air conditioning, but more retro forms of climate control can make a big difference! By this, of course, I mean wall mounted barn fans. Many barns make huge investments in all kinds of fans to keep indoor temperatures comfortable.


Master Professional MAC-30W-EP Heavy Duty High Velocity

It is a popular fan for industrial locations such as garages, pole barns, manufacturing facilities, and is perfect for use at a horse barn.  It comes in a sleek black and yellow (black cage, yellow propellers) look and mounts easily to the wall with three screws.

NewAir Wall Mount Fan 18” High Velocity Industrial Shop Fan

It is a bit more complicated to install than the Master Professional.  But, due to this setup, the fan has an adjustable tilt. So, a negative that leads to a long-lasting positive.  It also has three different speed ...

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Pro Series High Velocity

It is a reliable brand that is known for making high-quality fans.  Similar to the NewAir and the Master Professional, the Hurricane has three-speed options.  It has a sleek black finish over the blades and the cage.

Air King 9020 ⅙ HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

It is a purchase your horses and riders will be thanking you for throughout hot summers to come! At 20” in diameter, it is one of the largest wall mounted fans available for purchase on Amazon.

Maxxair Commercial Grade Industrial High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

It comes in a powder-coated steel finish and is very easy to assemble with a three screw system.  The Maxxair has a complete 180-degree tilt system, meaning it can be pointed in nearly any direction you could want.  

Stanley ST-24W High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

It comes in a bright yellow finish, making it hard to miss! It also has three speeds, and it comes with a limited one year warranty.  It’s 24” width makes it an impressively large fan with a great ability to push air.

Out of all of these choices, you’re sure to find a fan that works for you!  The Master Professional MAC-30W-EP Heavy Duty, the NewAir Wall Mount Fan 18’, the Hurricane Wall Mount Fan, the Air King 9020 ⅙ HP Industrial Grade, the Maxx Air HVWM 18 UPS, and the Stanley ST-24W Fan all come with their strengths and weaknesses, and you are sure to find one that lines up with your priorities.


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