Best Wall-Mounted Barn Fans

Last Updated on February 9, 2022

Summer heat dragging you down? It’s nearly impossible for barns to have air conditioning, but more retro forms of climate control can make a big difference! By this, of course, I mean wall mounted barn fans. Many barns make huge investments in all kinds of fans to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. 

These fans can range from ceiling fans to giant industrial fans, to fans that spray water, and so on.  Fans can be placed in grooming stalls, in aisleways, in individual stalls, and anywhere convenient for horses and riders to cool off.

Especially in warmer climates where fans are useful the majority of the year, a popular type of fan is a wall-mounted fan.  In this article, I will be reviewing six of the most popular wall-mounted fans that you can easily purchase on Amazon.

Each of these fans has their own strengths and weaknesses, but all will do the job of cooling down an area of your barn.  It is best to prioritize what qualities you want in your fan, and then use the pros and cons tables to help find the best match!

Choosing The Best Horse Wall Mounted Barn Fans

Master Professional MAC-30W-EP Heavy Duty High Velocity

The Master Professional is a popular fan for industrial locations such as garages, pole barns, manufacturing facilities, and is perfect for use at a horse barn.  It comes in a sleek black and yellow (black cage, yellow propellers) look and mounts easily to the wall with three screws.

The Master Professional has many qualities that make it a desirable fan to install at your barn.  These include easy installation, a nine-foot power cord for hard to reach outlets, three different speed settings for varying weather conditions, and strong all-metal construction that will resist outdoor elements.  

Choosing The Best Horse Wall Mounted Barn Fans

Master is a well-known brand in industrial products, including fans.  They are known for their high quality and matching higher prices. This particular fan is thirty inches wide and will keep a large area well ventilated and cool.

Pros Cons
– easy installation – expensive
– large range
– high quality

Wall Mounted Barn Fans: NewAir Wall Mount Fan 18” High Velocity Industrial Shop Fan

The NewAir Wall Mount Fan 18” High Velocity Industrial Shop Fan is another great choice to ventilate your barn.  NewAir is known for producing different varieties of fans, including wall-mounted fans.

This particular fan is a bit more complicated to install than the Master Professional.  But, due to this setup, the fan has an adjustable tilt. So, a negative that leads to a long-lasting positive.  It also has three different speed settings, powerful metal fan blades, and included mounting hardware and tools.

Wall Mounted Barn Fans: NewAir Wall Mount Fan 18” High Velocity Industrial Shop Fan

The New Air Wall Mount Fan has dual ball bearing motor which allows it to have a longer lifespan than many other fans.  However, this fan is only 18” across. It still pushes a very large amount of air, but it will always push less space than a fan of larger width.

Pros Cons
– cheaper – smaller size
– strong metal blades push lots of air – more difficult to install
– ability to tilt

Wall Mounted Barn Fans: Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Pro Series High Velocity

The Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Pro Series High Velocity would also be a great addition to your barn’s ventilation systems.  It is designed especially for warehouses, greenhouses, garages, and workshops; places that are built in a similar fashion to a barn.

Hurricane is a reliable brand that is known for making high-quality fans.  Similar to the NewAir and the Master Professional, the Hurricane has three-speed options.  It has a sleek black finish over the blades and the cage.

Wall Mounted Barn Fans: Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Pro Series High Velocity

Installation is relatively straightforward; the Hurricane has a large wall bracket, for which installation tools and instructions are included.  At 20” wide, the Hurricane is a relatively large fan that has the capability to push enough air to ventilate a fairly large open area.

Pros Cons
– more affordable – Could be bigger
– reliable brand
– relatively easy installation

Air King 9020 ⅙ HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

The Air King 9020 ⅙ HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan is a purchase your horses and riders will be thanking you for throughout hot summers to come! At 20” in diameter, it is one of the largest wall mounted fans available for purchase on Amazon.

Similar to the Hurricane, the NewAir, and the Master Professional, it also has three-speed settings. It has a sleek, all-black finish on the cage and on the blades.  It has a nine-foot cable, allowing for it to be mounted high on the walls, and still having the ability to plug in to normal wall outlets.

Air King 9020 ⅙ HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

Amazon offers a ninety-day protection plan on the Air King 9020 ⅙ HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan; this means that, if you decide that it doesn’t work for the purpose you had intended, or you don’t like it for whatever reason, you will be able to return it and get reimbursed free of charge.

Pros Cons
– affordable with Prime – expensive without prime
– long cable allows for easy plug-in
– large diameter

Maxxair Commercial Grade Industrial High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

 The Maxxair Commercial Grade Industrial High Velocity Wall Mount Fan is designed specifically for patio, garages, workshops, and barns.  It would be a great addition to anyone’s barn in the summer months.

The Maxxair comes in a powder-coated steel finish and is very easy to assemble with a three screw system.  The Maxxair has a complete 180-degree tilt system, meaning it can be pointed in nearly any direction you could want.  

Maxxair Commercial Grade Industrial High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

At 10 feet, its chord is even longer than the Air King’s chord, and for Americans’ preference, it is manufactured in Texas and is completely OSHA compliant.  The Maxxair is extremely strong and can push huge amounts of air for it only having an 18” diameter.

Pros Cons
– strong – normal/small diameter
– long cord for easy plug-in
– manufactured in the USA

Stanley ST-24W High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

The Stanley ST-24W High Velocity Wall Mount Fan would also be a great addition to your barn.  It comes from a reliable brand and is sure to keep your space cool during the hot summer months.

The Stanley comes in a bright yellow finish, making it hard to miss! It also has three speeds, and it comes with a limited one year warranty.  It’s 24” width makes it an impressively large fan with a great ability to push air.

Stanley ST-24W High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

It is fairly simple to install, with a screw system on the wall-mount bar.  It is made entirely of metal, so it should last for years and not deteriorate.

Pros Cons
– large – color
– reliable brand
– strong


Out of all of these choices, you’re sure to find a fan that works for you!  The Master Professional MAC-30W-EP Heavy Duty, the NewAir Wall Mount Fan 18’, the Hurricane Wall Mount Fan, the Air King 9020 ⅙ HP Industrial Grade, the Maxx Air HVWM 18 UPS, and the Stanley ST-24W Fan all come with their strengths and weaknesses, and you are sure to find one that lines up with your priorities.

Some of these fans would be better in smaller spaces, some better in bigger spaces.  If you prioritize color and aesthetics, certain fans will be more suitable for you than others.  Or, if ease of installation is a priority, there are a few options that would be best for you!

I hope this article helped you get a good understanding of the best wall-mounted fans on the market for your barn.  And, I hope it helped you narrow down which fan will be best for you and your barn. Please share this article and share with us your experiences with mounting fans in your barn!


How do you attach a fan to a horse stall?

The fan can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling of the horse stall with screws or brackets. Make sure that the fan is securely attached to the wall so that it does not fall and injure the horse. The fan should also be out of the horse's reach so that it cannot tamper with it.
When selecting a fan for a horse stall, choose a fan that is designed for outdoor use. The fan should be rated for wet locations and have a corrosion-resistant finish. The fan should also have guards to protect the horse from being injured by the fan blades.
Make sure that the fan is properly grounded when installing it in the horse stall. A fan that is not properly grounded can create a fire hazard. If possible avoid using an extension cord with a fan in a horse stall. The extension cord can also create a fire hazard.

Can you use a battery-operated fan in a horse stall?

Battery-operated fans do not require an electrical connection or a power cord, which makes them a great choice in horse stalls without electricity. They can provide much needed relief from the heat when there is no electricity available to run a fan.
However, battery-operated fans are typically smaller than other types of horse stall fans, so they may not provide the airflow that is needed to lower the temperature in the horse stall.
The batteries need to be replaced or recharged periodically. Some battery charges last longer than others. Make sure that you purchase a fan with high-quality rechargeable batteries so that you won't need to recharge them too often. Rechargeable batteries are also more ecological and economical in the long run.
If no electrical outlets are available in a horse stall, a battery-operated fan may be the only option for cooling it. In that case, you should look for a quality fan that has rechargeable batteries, a corrosion-resistant finish, is rated to operate in wet conditions, and is properly grounded.

Is it OK to leave a fan on all day in a horse stall?

The answer to this question is a bit complex. On the one hand, horse stalls can become quite stuffy and hot, so it may be tempting to leave a fan on all day in order to keep things cooler. However, there are some potential dangers associated with leaving a fan on all day in a horse stall.
Fans can create a wind-chill effect, which can be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous to a horse's sensitive skin. Fans can sometimes cause horses to become overly alert and anxious, which can lead to problems such as cribbing or weaving. Fans also create air circulation, which can cause dust and mold spores to become airborne and irritate a horse's lungs and respiratory system.
Therefore, fans should only be left on for short periods of time (i.e., about an hour at a time) in horse stalls, and horse owners should take care to keep the fan blades clean and free of dust and debris.
If you choose to use a fan in your horse's stall, it is important to use one that has a low-speed setting and to always monitor your horse's behavior for any signs of discomfort. If your horse seems agitated or uncomfortable, it is best to turn off the fan.

Do wall-mounted barn fans use a lot of electricity?

Generally speaking, wall-mounted fans use more electricity than ceiling-mounted fans and more electricity than box fans. However, if you have a lot of horses in your barn, it may be necessary to use several wall-mounted fans in order to create enough airflow to keep them cool.
The average wall-mounted horse barn fan uses about 23.88 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, but this varies depending on the size of the horse barn, whether the barn is insulated or not, the number of horse's being kept inside, and the number of fans installed.