How Much Does a Horse Trailer Weigh? Compare 2 vs 4-Horse

how much does a horse trailer weigh

Every horse owner knows the importance of having the right trailer when hauling a horse. So, how much does a horse trailer weigh?  Safety is the number one priority when …

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How Much Does a Racehorse Weigh? 4 Popular Breeds for Racing

How Much Does a Racehorse Weigh

Racehorses are elite animals. Their speed, strength, power, and endurance make them top athletes. With being such an athletic being, reaching some of the fastest speeds in the animal kingdom, …

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The Best Jumping Hackamore Bridle: 2 Types of Hackamores

jumping hackamore

If you are having problems training with your horse, you may consider swapping to a jumping hackamore bridle. If this is the case, what is the best jumping hackamore bridle …

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7 Best Horse Trailer Brands Reviewed (Update 2023)

best horse trailer brands

Finding the perfect horse trailer can be a challenging task, but we’ve done the hard work for you! Below are the 7 best horse trailer brands for you to browse …

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