Top Causes Of Lameness in Horses Front Legs Revealed!

lameness in horses front legs

Horses are very prone to problems with their legs, and there are many causes of lameness in horses’ front legs. Let’s take a look at why horses go lame and …

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Top Soloshot Alternatives to Film Your Equine Adventures!

soloshot alternative

Soloshot cameras are a popular choice for equestrians investing in a camera to record their rides. But what are the best Soloshot alternatives out there? Ever want to video your …

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How Old Can A Horse Live? Amazing Horse Lifespan Facts!

how old can a horse live

Have you ever wondered how old can a horse live? You’ll be amazed when you find out just how long the lifespan of a horse really is! While the approximate …

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Ulcergard Vs Gastrogard – Best Treatment Revealed!

ulcergard vs gastrogard

Ulcergard and Gastrogard are commonly used treatments for gastric ulcers in horses. But when it comes to Ulcergard vs Gastrogard, what is the difference? Studies have shown that 60-90% of …

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How Much Does It Cost To Float A Horses Teeth – Revealed!

how much does it cost to float a horses teeth

Teeth floating is an important part of the routine healthcare of horses, but how much does it cost to float a horses teeth? And what does this procedure involve? As …

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Best Grazing Muzzle For Horses – The Ultimate Guide!

best grazing muzzle for horses

Obesity in horses is unfortunately an all too common problem, but are grazing muzzles the answer? Choosing the best grazing muzzle for horses can be a minefield, but we’ve got …

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What Pants To Wear Horseback Riding? Top Attire Revealed!

what pants to wear horseback riding

If you are new to horse riding, wearing the right clothing is essential for your own comfort, and knowing what pants to wear in horseback riding will make all the …

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