How Long Can Horses Run for? Incredible Horse Speed Stats!

how long can horses run

Horses are well known for their speed, but how long can horses run without stopping? In the wild, horses can cover many miles every day, and domesticated horses have also …

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Appaloosa Temperament, Size, Weight, & Other Top Stats!

appaloosa temperament

The Appaloosa temperament, size, and weight make this beautiful spotted horse breed a versatile choice for many equestrian pursuits. If you are considering buying an Appaloosa horse, you’ll first want …

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Different Types of Paint Horses – Top Facts & Essential Info

types of paint horses

There are several different types of Paint horses, and it can be confusing trying to work out which is which. Add into this all the unusual names for the various …

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Do Mini Draft Horses Exist? 3 Amazing Small Draft Breeds

mini draft horse

Do mini-draft horses exist? While there aren’t necessarily mini draft horses there are small draft horse breeds. These wonderful breeds are versatile and can make great riding and driving horses …

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How Much Does a Horse Trailer Weigh? Compare 2 vs 4-Horse

how much does a horse trailer weigh

Every horse owner knows the importance of having the right trailer when hauling a horse. So, how much does a horse trailer weigh?  Safety is the number one priority when …

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How Much Do Clydesdales Weigh? Amazing Draft Horse Facts!

how much do clydesdales weigh

Clydesdale draft horses are one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world! But how much do Clydesdales weigh, and how big are these magnificent horses? Have you ever …

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