Black Stallion Horse Facts – The Dream Horse

Some horses give off an extra special aura of freedom, beauty, and fantasy, with that, we will look at black stallion horse facts, a horse that symbolizes this.


Black Stallion Horse Facts – Book Series

Before the film, the first Black Stallion book came out in 1941. From the start, it was a hugely popular book for young readers. Written by Walter Farley, ...

Black Stallion Horse Facts – Movies

The first movie, ‘The Black Stallion’, hit cinemas in 1979. The first part of the movie is particularly beautiful, as you see Alec and Black form a bond against ...

The main human star of the movies is Kelly Remo. He took on the role at the age of 12, prompted by the opportunity to get ...

Kelly Remo

Black Stallion Horses

Four horses played the role of Black, though two feature the most. Staring in 80 percent of scenes is Cass Ole, a stunning Arabian stallion. In the film, the Black has no ...

Facts About Black Horses

In our opinion black is one of the most beautiful horse colors. The shine of a freshly groomed black horse gives it a majestic presence. It also stands out, as it is one of ...

Black Horse Breeds

Certain horse breeds have predominantly black coats. The most famous of these types of horses is the Friesan.

It is impossible to say if the Black Stallion books and movies created the fantasy idea about black horses or not. Whether it did or didn’t, humans seem to have a special draw to these beautiful horses.


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