Black Stallion Horse Facts – The Dream Horse

Last Updated on March 9, 2022

Some horses give off an extra special aura of freedom, beauty, and fantasy, with that, we will look at black stallion horse facts, a horse that symbolizes this. This fairy tale image comes from a horse featured in a popular children’s book. The book’s popularity led to the creation of a film series, that every horse lover knows.

Black Stallion Horse Facts – Book Series

Before the film, the first Black Stallion book came out in 1941. From the start, it was a hugely popular book for young readers. Written by Walter Farley, the book follows the story of a boy names Alec Ramsey and a wild black stallion.

The pair meet on a ship, which sinks. Alec and the Black find themselves alone on a deserted island. We journey with Alec and his bond with this wild horse, including their fortunate rescue. The second book in the series came out in 1945, The Black Stallion Returns. 

In the second book, Alec and the Black’s adventures continue, with intrigue and forced separations. In total, the series has 24 four books.

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Black Stallion Horse Facts – Movies

The first movie, ‘The Black Stallion’, hit cinemas in 1979. The first part of the movie is particularly beautiful, as you see Alec and Black form a bond against a harsh, yet spectacular background. In 1983, the adaption of the second book, ‘The Black Stallion Returns’, came out. 

Kelly Remo returns to play the role of Alec. The film had good success in cinemas. Both films won the hearts of children and horse lovers of all ages.

Kelly Remo

The main human star of the movies is Kelly Remo. He took on the role at the age of 12, prompted by the opportunity to get swimming lessons for water scenes. Kelly already had experience riding horses, growing up on this family’s ranch in Colorado.

Black Stallion Horses

Four horses played the role of Black, though two feature the most. Staring in 80 percent of scenes is Cass Ole, a stunning Arabian stallion. In the film, the Black has no white, yet Cass Ole has four white socks covered with paint.

The second horse, Fae Jur, while not featuring as often, is the horse you see in some of the most prominent scenes. In the film, the Black saves Alec from a cobra. Fae Jur is the horse here, used for his enjoyment of fake fighting.

Black Stallion Horses

In the second film, the Egyptian stallion El Mokhtar stars with Cass Ole. The first movie grossed $38 million in box office receipts. Mickey Rooney is another draw for this film, returning in a similar role to his iconic National Velvet, 1944 performance. This is the original trailer for the first movie, enjoy!

Facts About Black Horses

In our opinion black is one of the most beautiful horse colors. The shine of a freshly groomed black horse gives it a majestic presence. It also stands out, as it is one of the more unusual colors in a sea of bays and greys.

A horse can have a black coat in one of two ways genetically. If a horse carries two black coat genes, it is called homozygous. If it carries one red coat, and one black coat gene, it is called heterozygous. 

When two heterozygous black horses have a foal, it can have a black or chestnut coat, if it receives two copies of the recessive red gene. Two black horses can never produce a bay foal. When a black horse is born is often looks silver.

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Black Horse Breeds

Certain horse breeds have predominantly black coats. The most famous of these types of horses is the Friesan. A Friesan is an impressive, powerful horse with a history dating back to the Middle Ages.

In the past, the Friesan mostly worked on farms and pulled carriages. They can stand up to 17-hands tall and have impressive knee action in their movement. 

Another commonly black horse, or should we say pony is the Fell Pony. The Fell Pony is a native British pony originating in Cumbria, England. While the Fell Pony can have grey and bay costs, more are black.

The Fell Pony is hardy, stocky, and sure-footed, characteristics it developed to survive a harsh climate. Today, they are used for a variety of equestrian activities, including riding and driving.

The Dales Pony, another native British pony, is also predominately black coated. This is a rare breed, with a population of only around 5,000. Some Dales ponies still live a wildlife in the Pennie Hills.

Black Horse Breeds

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Black Stallion Horse Facts – Conclusion

It is impossible to say if the Black Stallion books and movies created the fantasy idea about black horses or not. Whether it did or didn’t, humans seem to have a special draw to these beautiful horses. Are you a fan of the Black Stallion?

If you are, let us know your favorite part of the movie in the comments below.

What is so special about a stallion horse?

Stallions are known for their power and strength. They have muscular bodies and thick necks. They have a higher genetic potential for athletic performance. They have more muscle mass and are generally stronger than mares and geldings. They are usually more aggressive and territorial than mares and geldings.
Because stallions are so territorial and aggressive, they can be dangerous if they are not properly trained. They can be aggressive towards other horses, and they may even be dangerous towards people.

How much does a black stallion cost?

The price for a black stallion ranges from about$4,000 to several million dollars.
Soon after the horse is foaled, he is sold to a trainer or a breeder. He will remain in the ownership of the trainer or breeder until he is three years old, at which time he is sent to a sales barn. Depending on the horse’s quality and potential, he may be purchased by a breeder or by a trainer. If he is purchased by a trainer, he will be placed in a training program, usually for several years, before being sold to a breeder or to a buyer. All the care and training the stallions need adds to the final price of a horse. Those that perform outstanding, can be really very expensive as, for example, a black stallion Totilas, who was sold for approximately 11 million Euros to a German trainer. 

Are black stallions rare?

Black stallions aren’t that rare, but are certainly seen as very special. Lets admit it – a black stallions of some horse breeds look really impressive. They were used in some famous movies and music videos which additionally contributed to their popularity. It is no wonder why there are so many black horse lovers out there! However, not all black horses are the same. There are two types of black horses, fading black horses and black horses that don’t fade. They are different in that fading black horses have a black coat that fades to a golden or copper tan when exposed to the sun. Black horses that don’t fade will remain black. 

Do stallions make good riding horses?

In most cases, stallions are not easy to ride. They can be very stubborn and can pose a great risk to someone who doesn’t understand how to properly handle them. At the end of the day, stallions are famous for being hard to control and difficult to ride. They are also very tall and muscular and need a rider who is willing and capable to take on that challenge. A stallion’s temperament can also make it difficult to ride. Many stables will keep the potentially dangerous and unpredictable stallions away from beginners because they don’t want their horses to injure someone or get hurt themselves.

What is the most beautiful horse in the world?

Friesian horses are the most beautiful horses in the world. They are native to Friesland in the Netherlands. Known for their striking black coats and flowing manes, Friesians were originally bred to carry medieval European knights into battle.
Their unique appearance and calm nature made them perfect for battle and they have been used in war ever since. Today, Friesians are prized as a breed of purebred horse. Some of the oldest known Friesians still live today. They are gentle, quiet, and have a gentle temperament that makes them a favorite with both children and adults.