Unique Names for Black Horses

Picking a name for your horse is the hardest decision for any owner. After all, they will have it for life. You want to choose one that is fitting for their coat color, gender, or family lines. Black horses are regal, mysterious, and grand, so here are 50 unique names for black horses to help you show off how special they are!

Names for Black Horses: Stallion/Gelding Names

1. Bucephalus– Alexander the Great’s war horse

2. Blackjack– Pegasus from the Percy Jackson/last US Army cavalry horse

3. Topthorn– from the novel War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

4. Black Gold– winner of the 50th Kentucky Derby

5. Kuro– black in Japanese

6. Byerley Turk– one founder of modern thoroughbred bloodlines

7. Midnight Sun– the TWH’s most influential sire

8. Zeus– Greek god of thunder

9. Hades– the god of wealth and lord of the underworld

10. Alastor– Hades’ stallion

11. Fusang– the mysterious Chinese tree of life

12. Aether– the son of the Greek god of darkness

13. Erebus– the Greek god of darkness

14. Ares– the Greek god of war

15. Omanyama– black in Zulu

16. Nwa– black in Haitian Creole

17. Gunpowder– the horse from Sleepy Hollow

18. Khan– Fa Mulan’s horse

19. Ace of Spades– named after the black suit card in a deck

20. Condor– a black scavenger bird

21. Bagheera– the black panther from The Jungle Book

22. Bramble– the thicket of blackberry bushes

23. Hanere– darkness in Punjabi

24. Sorcerer– a wizard

25. Batman– the DC superhero

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Names for Black Horses Stallion Gelding Names

Names for Black Horses: Mare Names

1. Flying Ebony– Kentucky Derby racehorse

2. Flicka– mare from the book My Friend Flicka by Mary O’Hara

3. Xihe– Chinese Sun goddess that could shapeshift into three-legged crows

4. Burmese– Canadian Royal Mounted Police horse given to Queen Elizabeth II

5. Ruffian– “Queen of the Fillies” in racing

6. Nyx– the Greek goddess of night

7. Nemesis– the Greek goddess of retribution

8. Chang’e– Chinese goddess of the moon

9. Hel– the daughter of the giantess Angrboda and the god Loki

10. Kelpie– Scottish water spirit that shapeshifts into a horse

11. Pango– black in Maori

12. Noire– black in French

13. Thunderstorm– a weather event causing dark clouds and heavy rainfall

14. Blackberry– the sweet berry that grows on bushes in the summer may

15. Truffles– a chocolatey dessert

16. Solar Eclipse– event where the moon covers the sun

17. Andhera– darkness in Hindi

18. Equinox– the time of year when the sun crosses the Equator

19. Onyx– a gemstone that comes in a black coloration

20. Tapenade– black caviar spread popular at elegant events

21. Peppercorn- the fruit of black pepper

22. Top Hat– a fancy hat worn by dressage riders

23. Mondlicht– moonlight in German

24. Daku– dark in Japanese

25. Nightlight– a light used to see in the dark


Names for Black Horses: Mare Names

I hope these many creative names will help you find the right one for your horse that shows off their unique self! Which one is your favorite? Which ones would you change? Do you have a suggestion for a unique name or a question to ask? Comment it down below to make this list even better!

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