Hawk Horse Trailer Reviews – Are They Good?

Choosing the right transport for your beloved four-legged friends is non-negotiable, so we took a look at Hawk horse trailer reviews and why they are popular. Hawk makes several trailers in ready to haul away versions to ones with custom options. Let’s take a deep look at these reputable trailers.

Hawk Horse Trailer History

Hawk Trailers is based in Manawa, Wisconsin. The company prides itself on its family and team cooperation in bringing great customer service and safe horse trailers to the market. It is an employee-owned business.

Trailers from Hawk Horse are in high demand and sold via dealers throughout the United States and Canada. They are primarily available in the eastern, midwest, and southern regions of the US. It is still hard to get the trailers in the west of the country, as the company takes expansion seriously.

The reason for the slow expansion west is that the company factory is working at capacity, and it focuses on quality, not quantity. All trailers are built-in individual bays instead of on an assembly line. This takes the pressure off rushing jobs and opens up more space for custom builds.

Hawk Horse Trailer History

The trailers use insulation to give your horse a quieter ride. They also have reinforced fiberglass roofs that keep the sound down and help to regulate the interior temperature. The door uses an 11 gauge tubing, another layer of protection in case of a roll-over accident.

This is a cool video from Hawk Horse that takes you on a ride-along inside one of their trailers so you can see what traveling in one is like from a horse’s point of view.

Hawk Horse Trailer Options

Hawk Horse sells bumper pulls, goosenecks, and goosenecks with living quarters. Within each of these categories are several models. They even offer trailers designed specifically for miniatures and alpacas.

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Bumper Pull Hawk Horse Trailer Reviews

Twelve bumper pulls models are available that carry two to three horses. Three of these offer slant stalls for horses. Let’s take a look at two appealing options. Model 5 is a two-horse trailer with a side ramp and dressing area.

This is a spacious horse trailer with the option of a 7-foot or 7-foot, 6-inch stall length. Its height is 7-foot, 6-inches, or 7-foot, 8-inches. Inside, contains saddle racks, triangle feed bags, matted floors, and roof vents. 

Bumper Pull Hawk Horse Trailer Reviews

Model 2 is a good option for those that want a simple two-horse trailer on a more limited budget. Stall length is 7-foot, and the height is 7-foot, 6-inches. Inside contains square feed bags, floor mats, padded bars, and a walk-through door.

Gooseneck Hawk Horse Trailer Reviews

Hawk Horse designs and manufactures two types of gooseneck horse trailers, with and without living quarters. These trailers carry between two and six horses in different configurations. Model 136 is one of our favorites.

This model comes in a two or six-horse option. It is a spacious trailer that can take large horses. Stall length is 7-foot, 6-inches and the inside height is a generous 7-foot, 8-inches. Horse comfort is well thought out, with rubber sidewalls, padded butt and breast bars, square feed bags, and roof vents. 

Goosenecks with living quarters come in two to four horse options. The living quarter’s clever design maximizes space while giving you plenty of home comforts. These trailers are great for traveling to overnight competitions or taking your horses on a relaxing camping trip.

Model 154 is one of the larger versions. It carries four horses in a slant configuration and has a 12-foot short wall. The total trailer length is 35.9-feet. You have the option to decide where on the trailer you want the camper door placed.

It has interior feed bags, divider padding, and rubber on the walls. The stall width is 39-inches. The dividers have full panels at the horse’s head, preventing arguments between traveling companions. 

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Customizing A Hawk Trailer

Hawk Horse provides a step above the rest customization service. All exterior work is painted on. They take every detail into consideration. You can match your fenders and roof edges, and even the paint on your truck for a sleek look. 

When ordering your horse trailer, the company takes all of your special requests into consideration, right down to the smallest detail. You can request all led tail lights, slatted stall dividers, exterior ties, a rear spotlight, and even an organizer in the dressing area.

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All Hawk Horse trailers come with ramps as standard. Ramps are spring-loaded and easy for anyone to lift. Gooseneck models have reinforced necks, giving you that extra peace of mind. The neck is constructed using the same galvanized metal as the mainframe and is fish-plated instead of butt welded.

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We love the look of Hawk Horse trailers and the company’s way of doing business. Quality, safety, and customer service are their priorities. If you have ideas about custom features on your trailer, they will listen and try and get it done.

The trailers use superior quality materials that give you a trailer to spend many happy years on the road with. The price is not the cheapest, but you do get what you pay for.

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