How Much Is My Horse Trailer Worth?

Unfortunately, putting a value on a horse trailer isn’t quite as cut and dry as determining a vehicle’s value. When selling a trailer, the first question horse owners ask is, “How much is my horse trailer worth?” It becomes a more difficult task if the horse trailer was purchased used from a private party. Although there are tools available to assist in creating a valuation, a little research can greatly assist you in determining your horse trailer’s worth.

How Much Is My Horse Trailer Worth? Buying or Selling a Used Horse Trailer


The location of the horse trailer being sold plays a role for two primary reasons: popularity and average pricing for the zip code. Although aluminum horse trailers are becoming an increasingly popular choice, steel trailers are still popular in many areas such as the southwest. In a high-end equestrian-dense community, a straight-load bumper pull would be more difficult to sell than if it were located in a small rural community. Regional availability will also impact trailer prices.

Trailer Worth - Tools and Resources


The most important aspect buyers are looking for will be hauling-readiness. All other aspects aside- a horse trailer has a purpose, and it is to transport animals from Point A to Point B. Anything that affects a trailer’s “readiness” will drastically decrease the value. This would be immediate work for the new owner, and worse if the trailer has to be repaired prior to removing it from its current location.

Flooring and Tires

Flooring and tires are two major functionality points of a horse trailer. Although flooring is typically not a problem in an all-metal aluminum trailer, wood-floor steel trailers can need work. Wood floors might not be a resale “problem”, but are typically less desirable. Worn tires are also problematic, as purchasing all new quality ST tires isn’t cheap!

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“Appearance is everything.” Okay, while appearances aren’t everything, they certainly count in resale. This is a particular problem in classic steel trailers with rust. Although cleanliness won’t add value, a filthy and unmaintained interior/exterior will decrease the overall value.

Removal of any rust, paint touch-ups, or even replacement dealer decals can go a long way for marketing purposes. Although aluminum trailers are pretty low maintenance, special washes can help brighten a dull trailer by removing any oxidation.

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So How Much is My Trailer Worth? Tools and Resources

Although first-year depreciation is said to be between 10-20% on horse trailers, there is no industry standard and it’s subjective at best.

Researching similar models and trailers in the same condition in your region will provide a great starting point. It is important to view prices in your area for going rates.

Buying or Selling a Used Horse Trailer

Another option is utilizing The Horse Trailer Blue Book. Although it’s not free, it can assist you in determining prices and sellers can provide the information to prospective buyers. According to THTBB, a decade-old trailer in good condition can be 55-75% of its “new” price.

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Things to Remember

Unfortunately, there is no standardized price guide for horse and livestock trailers. However, you can determine your horse trailer’s worth with a little local research and possibly the assistance of The Horse Trailer Blue Book. It will be worth the extra effort to prepare your horse trailer for resale!

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