Where Can I Rent a Horse Trailer for Horses?

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When you have a horse, it is nice to have a horse trailer to be able to take your horses to shows, trail rides and even to the vet. However, owning your own horse trailer can be expensive. The thought might have occurred to you, where can I find a horse trailer rental for horses?

New horse trailers can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars all the way to over 100,000 dollars. Many horse owners do not have their own trailers due to the cost, however, they still may have use of a trailer from time to time. Fortunately, there are companies that allow you to rent horse trailers.

Finding a Horse Trailer Rental

Renting a horse trailer can have many advantages. It can save on money, storage, and other hassles. It can be a great option for horse owners who may only need a trailer on occasion.

When renting a horse trailer, you need some things into consideration. You need to make sure you have the proper vehicle to pull it, you need to know how long you need it, what type of horse trailer do you need and if you have the proper insurance to cover it.

What You Need to Know About Horse Trailer Rental

When renting a horse trailer, most places offer daily, weekly or monthly options to rent. Renting a trailer can generally start at $60 a day, $400 a week and $1,300 a month, with prices going up depending on the model. Rental places will also have you sign a contract before you rent your trailer.

Once you’ve selected a company to rent a trailer from, make sure they are bonded and have a business license. This will help you a lot if you have an accident or any damage occurs to the horse trailer. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for any damages your horse may cause to the trailer.

When you are done with the trailer, make sure to thoroughly clean it out to avoid any extra charges. In addition to checking if you have the right insurance, you also need to make sure there are no age restrictions. Make sure to check with the company if they have a hitch that will work with your car or if you will have to provide your own.

You also want to prepare in case of an emergency. Make sure you have a spare tire for your car and make sure the trailer you are renting has a spare tire as well. Be sure to have the companies number that you rented the trailer from handy in case you need to call them for an emergency.

Rent Only What You Need

When renting a horse trailer don’t rent more than you need. If you only need to haul one or two horses, just rent a two-horse trailer, there’s no need to rent a four-horse trailer if you don’t need the room. If you are going on a camping trip or show with your horse, you will want to have a trailer with a tack room to store all your supplies.

If you are not used to pulling a gooseneck, it is best to stick with renting a bumper pull. Gooseneck trailers can be tricky to drive if you are not an experienced driver. Goosenecks do have a tighter turning radius than bumper pulls, however, it takes some practice getting used to it.

What You Need to Know About Horse Trailer Rental

It is also very important to make sure that the car you are using to tow the horse trailer has the towing capacity to haul it. Hauling a horse trailer that exceeds your cars towing capability can cause all sorts of problems.

Where to Rent a Horse Trailer?

When renting a horse trailer, your best bet to finding a place is by using the internet. Some places, like Kwipped, will have you fill out a form to get a quote for renting a horse trailer. This allows you to get information on a trailer that will meet all your needs.

Otherstock, which allows people to rent a variety of products, offers horse trailers for rent. You can simply enter what you are looking for to find the horse trailer you need. Coast to Coast Truck & Trailer Sales Inc. also allows you to search for your desired trailer and contact them from there.

Next Door Renter is a unique company that allows people to rent out their personal trailers to those looking to rent. Most of the rental listings are done by day, however they are typically cheaper than renting from a company. You do need to be careful though as you are renting from a person and not a business.

You can always check your local horse trailer company to see if they have a program for renting trailers. Horse and Travel has a search finder that lets you look at companies that rent horse trailers in every state. Sometimes going to your closet horse trailer company can be your best option when renting a horse trailer.

Transportation Services

Another alternative to owning your own trailer, is using a horse transportation company. Companies, such as Creech and Equine Express, offer transportation services where they will drive your horse in a trailer to wherever you may need. They provide local, nationwide and even flying transportation.

Where to Rent a Horse Trailer?

These types of services are most commonly used for transporting horses to horse shows that are far away. However, they can be used for transporting horse that have sold or for whatever needs you may have. They can even be used for local hauling.

Renting a Horse Trailer

Renting a horse trailer has many benefits. It can save you time, money and even hassles if you rent a trailer. You can rent a horse trailer for shows, trail riding, sales, emergencies or whatever your needs may be.

Fortunately, there are several options for renting a trailer. You can rent through horse trailer websites, your local horse trailer company and even from individual people.

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