U Haul Horse Trailer Rental And Alternatives

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U Haul horse trailer rental is available for times when a trailer is needed. Hauling your horse may not be something you plan to do often so purchasing a trailer does not sit high on your priority list, but what if you do need to have your horse hauled. What options would you have available to you if you did need a trailer?

U Haul Horse Trailer Rentals have a variety of options are available to you depending on where you need to go and the time you will be there.  If you have a vehicle large enough to safely pull a trailer renting can be a very good choice. Alternatives to renting a horse trailer could be you asking a friend or someone you trust to haul your horse can work as well, and there are also professional horse haulers and transporters available.

Horse Trailer Rentals – U Haul and Alternatives
U Haul Horse Trailer Rental And Alt...
U Haul Horse Trailer Rental And Alternatives

Renting a horse trailer sounds like it should be fairly simple, but in some cases, it can be difficult. Where you live or would like to pick up the trailer, will be a huge part in finding places that have horse trailers available for rent.


U Haul Horse Trailer Rental is one of the most common places that comes to mind when we need to rent a trailer. U-Haul has locations throughout the USA, but they don’t all have the same rental inventory. U Haul for renting a horse trailer is not always available to you.  If you live in an area that is highly populated with people that own horses you will be able to find a horse trailer from U-Haul, but if not, they will not have one available. U-Haul, in most cases, will only keep inventory for things that are rented regularly.

U Haul Horse Trailer Rentals (And Alternatives)

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Locally Owned

Many places that rent tools or other types of implements will commonly also offer trailer rentals. Locally owned places are more often the best place to find a horse trailer to rent. Some feed stores keep one or two trailers on hand for rental purposes. Welding shops or other shops that specialize in trailer repairs and hitch installation often times will also offer horse trailers for rent. Places that have a very small group of horse owners will find that the small locally owned shops are a better option for finding a horse trailer for rent.

Ask Someone Who Owns a Trailer 

Asking someone to borrow their horse trailer is a very big favor to ask someone. In most cases, the trailer owner will not loan the trailer out to anyone, but will often reply with the invitation to haul the horse for you.  This is ideal if you are attending the same event or needing to haul to the same destination. On the off chance that they reply with a yes, then you are all set.

Long Haul or Commercial Transportation

Contacting a professional horse hauler or horse transport company is also a very low hassle and common hauling option. Most commercial haulers will have local and long haul services available. Even if there isn’t a local horse transportation company in the town you live in, it is very likely that there is one close by that can help you haul your horse.

Long Haul or Commercial Transportation


Some horse owners don’t think a horse trailer will be used enough to make purchasing one worthwhile. Many horse owners are going perfectly content in finding other hauling options. These alternatives have become very quick at finding the hauling accommodations that will best fit their needs.

When renting, borrowing, having a friend haul, or professional hauler it is important to examine the trailer inside and out. You want to make sure that it is safe and there isn’t anything that could possibly cause an injury. You also want to make sure that you are not later held responsible for any damages that were there prior to your horse being hauled in the trailer. If you have hired a commercial hauler, contracts are generally needed prior to the horse going anywhere. Always remember to choose the hauling option that is best for you and the purpose of your hauling needs.