Can Horses Eat Banana Peels?

Horses love treats, that much is clear but trying to think of something besides a carrot or apple is tough, one to consider is, can horses eat banana peels?


Are Bananas Safe For Horses To Eat

Horses have a sensitive digestive system. You are right to check if something you want to feed your horse is safe before trying it. 

Do Horses Like Bananas

Many horses enjoy the taste of bananas, some even love it, making them their favorite treat. So yes, horses can eat banana peels. 

Bananas And Stomach Ulcers

It is a commonly held belief that bananas have a soothing effect on the stomach. Some studies have found the feeding banana powder to animals helps reduce the effects stomach acid has on the stomach lining.

Can Horses Eat Banana Peels And Bananas In Unlimited Quantities

How To Feed A Horse Banana Peels And Their Flesh: When introducing any new food to a horse, first give it a tester. 

t is safe to say that horses can eat banana peels if they don’t have any underlying health concerns. However, if your horse doesn’t like the peel, it doesn’t mean it won’t like the soft, sweet banana flesh.


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