Can Horses Eat Tomatoes?

We all know that eating salads is good for us! But does the same apply to horses – can they eat tomatoes and other salad fruits?


Can Horses Eat Tomatoes?

Unfortunately, it is not safe for horses to eat tomatoes. The reason for this is that tomatoes are a plant that is part of the nightshade family.

Why Are Tomatoes Toxic To Horses?

Signs of tomato toxicity include colic and diarrhea. So, if you suspect your horse may have eaten tomato fruits or plants, contact your veterinary clinic for advice right away.

Do Horses Like Eating Tomatoes?

Luckily, horses do not enjoy the taste of tomato plants and are unlikely to eat them. However, it is still advisable to ensure that your horse cannot access your tomato plants, just in case he decides to try a nibble.

Top 5 Fruits And Vegetables For Horses

  Bananas  Oranges  Strawberries  Pineapple Pieces  Watermelon

How Should You Feed Vegetables To Horses?

So, now we know what fruits and vegetables are safe for horses to eat, let’s look at the best way to feed them. Most fruits and vegetables need some kind of preparation to make them safe for horses to eat.

So, as we have learned, it is not safe to feed tomatoes to your horse. These little fruits contain toxic alkaloids, which can cause colic and diarrhea in horses. Luckily, there are many other healthy fruits and vegetables that your horse can enjoy eating.


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