Can You Ride A Mini Horse

It is easy to see the attraction of tiny, adorable versions of a full-sized horse but one question that commonly comes up is, can you ride a mini horse? 


When Can You Ride A Mini Horse

Just like full-sized horses, before considering riding a mini horse, it must be mentally and physically mature. The average age for a horse to begin its riding career is three or four. 

How Much Weight Can A Mini Horse Take

This weight includes the saddle. So for example, if a horse weighs 1,000-pounds the maximum weight it can take is 200-pounds.

Is Your Mini Horse Rideable

One of the most important factors regarding a mini horse is its temperament since only small children can ride it. Soundness, body condition, and age all factor into deciding if you can ride a mini horse.

Driving A Mini Horse

Driving mini horses is a popular activity. When working out how much a mini horse can pull, apply a similar percentage rule to the one used for riding weight.

Mini Horses Make Great Companions

Even though mini horses can take limited riding, they are best suited as companions. They have lovely, kind temperaments and enjoy the company of children and other horses. 

Fun Activities For Mini Horses

- In hand jumping - Liberty training - In hand showing - Obstacle courses – Therapy visits – Showmanship competitions

Mini Horse History

The mini horse was carefully developed over decades and refined into the breed we see today. The mini horse was first found in Europe in the 18th-century. 

While you can ride a mini horse if you’re small enough, it isn’t what these adorable little horses are meant for. You can enjoy many non-riding activities with a mini. Because a mini costs less to feed, they make great companions to larger horses.


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