Charger Horse Breed - The Ancient Warhorse

In ancient and medieval times, horses played a main role in wars, the type of horse varies slightly, but they are all known as the charger horse breed.


Charger Horse Breed History

Throughout history, the warhorse was a prized possession. In Europe, during the Middle Ages, knights and their horses had to wear very heavy armor. All of this  ...

Destrier Horse

The charger horse breed isn’t just one type of horse. In fact, a charger horse is one of three types and not a breed at all. The largest, heaviest type of charger is the Destrier.

The courser was a lighter more blood type of horse. It was similar to a modern-day hunting horse. A courser had more stamina, speed, and agility.



The Palfrey is another type of charger horse. It played an important role in the armies and as a pleasure riding horse. It was a shorter horse than the Destrier and used for everyday riding ...


When talking about charger horses, we have to take a special look at the Andalusians. The Andalusian was one of the most respected and prized warhorses of the period. This breed was once ...

As you can see, the charger horse breed isn’t actually a breed, but a group of horses that played different roles in the armies of Medieval times. Each type was important and valuable in its own right.


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