Cost to Feed a Horse: A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Horse

If you ask my daughter how much it costs to feed her pony she will answer you with gusto: “Thirteen Dollars!” she declares proudly. Wouldn’t that be nice? So how much does it actually cost to feed a horse? 


Cost to Feed a Horse: The Rules of Feeding

Horses are omnivores, meaning their diet consists of plants and meat. Although much of their nutrition is derived from a plant-based diet, horses can and do eat meat.

Lush/Plush Greens and Legumes

Green does not automatically mean “good” when it comes to feeding your horse.

Cost to Feed a Horse, Hay

Hay is the swiss-army-knife of the horsing world.

Cost to Feed a Horse, Grains

Grain feeding is truly a case by case choice most horse owners make ...

Cost to Feed a Horse: Equine Supplements

Depending on the health of your horse, you may worry about a nutritional deficiency ...


Alfalfa is a high protein legume that can be used to supplement nutrition for horses that have a need for it.

Joint Supplements

There is mixed research about the effectiveness of joint supplements in horses. 

Probiotics and Your Horse

In a world where we are inundated with information about gut health ...

Average Monthly Cost To Feed a Horse

The cost of feeding your horse varies greatly based on your location. A bale of hay can cost anywhere between $5-$10 per square bale. 

average numbers

To give you a few examples of how the costs can vary, imagine you as an owner ...

Alternatively, another owner may buy their hay from a familiar farmer, in big round bales placed in a round bale feeder every two weeks-year round. This owner is comfortable with the way the farmer stores his or her hay. 


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