Do Horses Like Being Ridden?

One question we rarely ask ourselves is whether or not our horses enjoy the work they do with us.  We ride our horses daily, and we can tell when they seem to be happy and when they seem to be irritated. But, do horses like being ridden?


Do Horses Like Being Ridden: Signs Your Horse Is Unhappy

Some horses are known for being "grumpy" or "difficult". This horse pins his ears and tries to bite kids as they walk by. But, is he doing this because he hates his job, or is it a sign that he's a bad horse?

Circumstantial Causes for Unhappiness

Typically, if a horse is unhappy, there is a good reason for it.  For example, if a horse pins its ears when you’re tightening its girth, it’s possible that the horse’s stomach hurts or that the saddle doesn’t fit properly and is hurting his back.

Signs Your Horse Is Happy

On the other end of the spectrum, there are physical signs that your horse is happy, satisfied, and comfortable.  Horses will relax their ears, letting them flop to the sides.

Do Horses Like Being Ridden: When All Is Well

When all is well, horses enjoy work.  They enjoy being ridden, and they enjoy routine.  Like people, they enjoy having something to occupy their minds, and when it is done properly, horses have no indication of disliking being ridden.

Yes, horses enjoy being ridden.  They enjoy routine and they enjoy having a job, the same way people do.  But, if we as their riders and caretakers make their jobs miserable, they will no longer enjoy doing them.  The same way that you would not enjoy a job where the manager treated you terribly.


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